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What an event…

Posted in Events on 05/31/2009 by Kenneth

Well what can I say about today at evergreen? The only thing that comes to mind is the feel was just off. A maroon S13 hatch flew off the bank and hit a monster truck tire and ended up bashing in the left rear of the car, and blew out both quarter windows. Then a red zenki S14 locked up his front wheels and ended up becoming very intimate with the wall. There was also a silver R32 that had some trouble with staying on the bank; I lost count at how many times it happened but you got to learn some how. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in any of these incidents and the medics were very on point. Okay enough talk picture time, I only had a point and shoot camera to use so I have a very small amount of good pictures.

Evergreen open drift 5/31/09
Sean Larin previously drove an S13 coupe that was a little rough around the edges but recently sold it and is now driving his very clean S14.

Evergreen open drift 5/31/09
Earl Smith and Mat Roger made some contact while out on a tandem run. The left rear of Earl’s Drift Office S13 and the front end of Mat Roger’s R32 collided, nothing critical was broken, sheet metal was bent and glass was broken.

Evergreen open drift 5/19/09
This FC isn’t your run of the mill FC, this bad boy had a 1JZ with a nice big single turbo.

Evergreen open drift 5/31/09
I was supper happy to see this SC300 on the track, ITS SO COOL!

Evergreen open drift 5/31/09
KPRace even brought out their Hyundai Genesis, this Genesis needs a little work but was cool to watch none the less.

Oh yeah… Sunscreen will be a must!

Posted in Checking In on 05/29/2009 by Kenneth


Last event was super nice, and well a few people got burnt pretty badly. Me being one of them, in fact my skin just stopped pealing and I can now lay however I want with out fear of hurting my shoulders. So far it is looking like it will be a very sunny day on Sunday and with a high of 77*F and a low of 55*F. Please don’t end up like I did, BRING SUNSCREEN!

Picture of the day 5/29/2009

Posted in Photo of the Day on 05/29/2009 by Kenneth


Kohei Nakamura killing it at Evergreen Speedway.
This car is so awesome I can’t stand it!

Got some tires you’re just itching to burn up?

Posted in Events on 05/27/2009 by Kenneth

Fist off I would like to say hello to everyone! Ian just made me a contributor so now I get to post up information and coverage from events and what is going on locally. I might see about posting some tech and write ups if enough interest is shown.

Anyway back to the important stuff!

This Sunday (May 31) Evergreen Drift is having Open Drift. No need to worry about get knocked out or not qualifying; the only thing you need to worry about is running out of tires! This is a great opportunity for some not so experienced divers to get some much needed seat time. Need some help or advice while you’re there? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone at these events is very willing to help guide you along. It has become very apparent that help is being spread because of the level everyone seems to be driving at. The NW most defiantly has it turned up to 11 this season and I hope to keep seeing the level of driving talent rise.

Important Information

* Date – 5/31/09

* Location – Evergreen Speedway

* Drifting from 11am to 5pm

* Pit gate opens at 9am

* Drivers – $80

* Pit pass – $22

* Grandstands – $10 (Kids under 12 Free!)

This season drivers, media, and people that want to kick it in the pits are entering the track though the gates in the rear.

Here is some video from Round 2 of Evergreeen Drift!

Picture of the day 5/27/2009

Posted in Photo of the Day on 05/27/2009 by Kenneth


I just love this car. Its low, black, has good fitment, and tears it up at the track. This 91 Skyline belongs to Mat Roger from the BC drift team Drift Safari. The first time I saw this car was at Cellblock D 8 way back before I had my car and before I knew what the hell was really going on with drifting, ever sence I was at CBD8 I have had a lot of respect for the Drift Safari guys. I hope I can make a Cellblock event some time soon!

Intec Dyno Day!

Posted in Events on 05/14/2009 by Ian

That’s right, come out and get your piece of shit on the dyno and figure out how much horsepower you don’t have.

Busy Month!

Posted in Events on 05/07/2009 by Ian

Well, looks like this is going to be quite the busy month.

Cancelled Events:
South Sound
Sexy Nights

Upcoming Events:
May 17th – Round 2 Evergreen
May 24th – Bremerton SCCA Drift
May 31st – Evergreen Exhibition Event

Save your pennies, get some tires and get ready, this is going to be a very fun month!