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June 27th XXX Drive-In Meet

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The day started out with me pulling my car into the garage and getting it on jack stands, then I preceded to lower my car as much as possible. After it was on the ground with its new ride height and my exhaust back on I was ready to go.

All in all it was a good day. Hangin out with everyone, seeing some wicked older car, drinking ice cold root beer, and scraping the bottom of my car down the freeway because it was so low. I was really surprised to see that Levon with the purple Kouki S14 got aero and wheels and finally got to see Roland’s car with ALL of the bumpers on. But that Bel Air…wow talk about some invested time, everything seemed to be perfect and you could smell the interior from 10 feet away and not in a bad way.

Picture Of The Day 6/23/09

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Oh my god, so hot and guess what?
It might be at a track in the NW some time in the future!

Pacific Raceways Drifting…

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Well for the past few days Roland, Gleb, and Walker have been doing demos out at Pacific Raceways. But they weren’t driving on the road course, no, they were driving on the freshly done go kart track that everyone who is local and knows about is has been dreaming of driving on it. Until recently Pacific Raceways told everyone that there would be no drifting on the go kart track so it came as a surprise to a lot of people when they found out that there was drifting on the go kart track and that there might be future events!

I hope that I’m lucky enough to drive there, but as of right now its by invite only.

Picture Of The Day 6/17/09

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Some of you may be wondering what happened to that white S14 from last season.
Well Rob has been working very hard on it, new motor, new wheels…
Well I won’t give away to much, for now just let you imagination run wild.

Picture Of The Day 6/15/09

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This is one of the reasons why I hate driving my car on the street. I get way to much attention (from the wrong kinds of people) as it is, but I am constantly worrying about other people around my car.

Moral of the story?
Don’t daily drive your track car, especially if its your only for of transportation.
Go buy a Corolla or something to beat on from the day to day.

Friday Night Goodness

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The only night event of the season at Evergreen Speedway got over at 10pm yesterday and yet again there was more carnage!

Kelly Thorpe let Matt-Panic! behind the wheel of his freshly completed Corolla.

Ian was doing really good and enjoyed the way his new coilovers felt.

Nikolay showed up in his car has been in the process of being built for as long as I can remember and boy does it look sexy!

Alex Wieder was attacking the Evergreen for first time with the power of the 1jz that was installed in the off season.

After some issues with is car at previous events and this one Chris Jeanneret seemed to be going though some growing pains with his new car.

Now time for the pictures everyone loves to look at.

That is going to cost some money. Ouch!



And the aftermath.

All in all it was a good event and I will most defiantly have to drive at the next night event. Might even have to make a trip to Canada for next Cell Block D Sexy Nights!

Picture Of The Day 6/12/09

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Hey look, its an S13…with four doors cool.
It was a say day when this Cefiro hit the wall at Drift Invasion last season.