Evergreen Invitational Coverage

Earl Smith on his game in the Drift Office S13 Hatch

Yesterday was the invitational that everyone had been waiting a while for. It was a chance to let drivers test their new set ups before the season started and to also show off all their hard work. As with all new thing there are bound to be problems; from what I can remember there were two fires, two wrecks, and a lot of broken parts.

Nikolay was doing his thing all day long, designer shoes an all! Sadly Nikolay’s car had an electrical fire after he rubbed through his wiring harness in the fender.

Jeremy in his red hatch seemed to having a fun time the whole day and from what I hear the car will be undergoing some pretty big changes this season. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

Gerard of Serial Nine showed up with his car all finished and only two words could describe the way this thing sounded “race car”.

John of Team Instant Party had a really good day but ended up bending a tierod.

The last time I saw “Kevin Canada” he was in a sparkle pink 86 that was rotary powered. He now pilots this mx73 with a 1jz and Serial Nine suspension.

Ronin was producing a good amount of smoke all day long.

Last but certainly not least, I leave with an aftermath picture of Siam and his instant gentleman S13 coupe.<

Photos courtesy of Tom Koenig

6 Responses to “Evergreen Invitational Coverage”

  1. drewfus maximus Says:

    lol siam, but props for not lettin wrecked cars get you to down. Gerards cress is lookin damn good, any vid of him?

    • Kenneth Says:

      No video that does the car any justice. I’m sure Abbitt will have something together soon.

  2. Richard Says:

    the pink 86 is no more? but the cressida does look nice.

  3. Yo nogs,

    Got any bigger pics of me?

  4. Pink rolla is long gone. He still has the rotary out of it though. Might put it in a TE sedan, maybe.

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