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Exciting news!

Posted in Checking In, News on 03/16/2010 by Ian

With the 2010 season underway, and obviously the drivers and the local events are bigger and better than ever, we’ve decided that we need to grow as well.

As nice as WordPress is, and how easy it is for us to post photos for all of you and have event info, we’re ready for a change.

Kenneth and I are in the process of putting together the ideas and design for a brand new MakeItRain website. This will be a full on new fresh start with many more options for not only us, but you the reader as well.

We will keep you updated with progress and junk, but big things are on the horizon!!!

– Ian.

Its almost that time again…

Posted in Events, News on 04/09/2009 by Ian

Well, get your shit together, because we have another event coming up on the 19th of this month! Evergreen Speedway is doing all they can to give us the most seat time this season, and three events a month isn’t that shabby.

Be sure your car is up to the standards, because we’re very adamant about tech, and we’re not afraid to turn you away if your car is unsafe to you, the track, or other drivers.

On another note, I’m working on Make It Rain v.3.0. Should be a nice layout when I’m done with it.

Sunny Days…

Posted in News on 04/07/2009 by Ian

Man, I can’t remember the last time Washington had four beautiful days in a row. Its really nice, its warm, everybody is getting burnt, driving around with all the windows down. I guess I’m writing this to let everybody know, get the hell out of the house, work on your car, barbeque, and chill with some damn friends.

Can’t get any better than this right now.

I expect to see a lot of people out at the next Evergreen event on April 19th!.

Keep it real.

What the fuck is up!

Posted in News on 04/06/2009 by Ian

After a hiatus, Make It Rain is back, and boy does it feel good. I’m typing this with three event wrist bands on, needless to say, it was a busy weekend. Sleep deprivation, drifting, energy drinks, and too many cigarettes. The only way to live.

I’m working on a new design for the site, still not very happy with it. I’m also looking to get some more people on board to make sure you guys get your dose of Northwest drifting!

Just wanted to let everybody know that we’re not dead, and that Make It Rain is going to be kicking for a very long time.

Everybody have fun this season, I know I will.


Posted in News on 01/20/2009 by Ian

Didn’t have much to post tonight, its hard to get interesting things since drifting isn’t happen for a few more months. I’m trying to find good things everyday, but its not always that easy. I know that once Golden Gardens rolls around (more on that later) and when the season picks up I’ll have more than enough content for you people to lick up.

Regardless, get the word out, tell your friends. We’re trying to get this shit to blow up!

Off Season Fun

Posted in News on 01/19/2009 by Ian


With the drift season over until Spring, you’ve got to get that pent up energy out. The guys over at have weekly meets that have grown to be pretty popular. Starting around 7:30pm, people show up to Dave’s Burgers in Lynwood, Washington to shoot the shit and get some cheap, amazing grub. After a while, everybody gets bored and hits up Traxx Indoor Racing in Mukilteo for some drift karting. Not a bad way to spend $22 if I do say so myself.

When: Every Wednesday, 7:30pm

Dave’s Burgers:
19509 44TH Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036-5619
Phone: (425) 672-1470

Traxx Indoor Racing
4329 Chennault Beach Road
Mukilteo, WA 98275
425-493-TRAX or 425-493-8729

Anyways, this is an invite for everybody to come hang out, and have some fun before the drift season starts back up again. If you have any questions, e-mail me.

Fail/New Track!

Posted in News on 01/18/2009 by Ian

Well, the photo shoot didn’t end up going down tonight due to some schedules not matching up, a bit disappointed, but what can you do. I’m hoping we can get the photo shoot rescheduled and show you guys some superb cars from the Northwest!

I thought I’d take some time out and show you guys a video of the new track in Oregon, Oregon Raceway Park. It looks like an extremely fun track, and we’re hoping that drifting hits that track in the near future. It looks really fast, which can only mean some gangster shit will be going down.

Here is an overhead photo of the track:

And here is some in car footage, nothing better than a brand new track:

Updates and stats…

Posted in News on 01/18/2009 by Ian


I’m not going to lie. This blog is getting a lot more positive feedback and attention than I thought it would. I’ve been getting text messages, Myspace messages, replies on forums, and its pretty damn heart warming. I’m doing my best to bring you something interesting to look at everyday, because face it, everybody needs a distraction at work! The stats are pretty impressive for a blog with just a little bit of shameless advertising, but I would like to see this place get some more hits! Spread the word!.

I’ve been talking with some close friends who are looking to get involved with the website, and we have some big plans on the horizon. Including getting our own .COM and doing a weekly video series. Tyler Coray and I are hopefully doing a photoshoot with four local drivers this evening, so you can expect to see some good hard parked pictures of the drivers and their cars.

Thank you guys so much for reading my post and checking everything out, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me.


We’ll Miss You Richard!

Posted in News on 01/16/2009 by Ian

Our dear friend Richard Kim is moving back to Korea to be with his family. He’s been in the community for an incredibly long time and we’ve all grown close to him over the years. He was the big guy with the huge laugh, and honestly the loudest drunk I’ve ever stumbled across in my whole life. Another close friend, Mat Risher, was at the send off party last Wednesday at Traxx in Mukilteo, WA and shot this video. He will be joining the Make It Rain team and you’ll see a lot more of his videos.

We’ll miss you Richard, can’t wait for you to come back this summer!

The time has come…

Posted in News on 01/16/2009 by Ian


With such tools as the internet, its kind of hard to get away from other styles, cultures, and over all ways of doing things. With a motorsports such as drifting, each region has their own sense of style and how they present themselves to other communities around the world. Of course, anybody who drifts in the United States is plagued by the so called, “pure hotness”, of the Japanese and how elegantly they can pull anything off. Whether it be tandem on the street, 15 cars deep, or somehow making a bright yellow FC3S look incredible with a wing as tall as the Space Needle. All we try to do is set ourselves apart, and the Northwest has their own way of doing so.

I’ve never seen a group of people, who all share the same common interest, be so tight knit. Its really obvious when someone new shows their face around the track, and every single person notices. Of course, the Northwest is riddled with teams such as Drift Firm, Panic-Mode!, Battle House!, Drift Safari, A-Team, Havok, MadDrift, etc. Overall, we’re all Comrades. We’re also supported by shops, such as Garage Autohero, Drift Office, Intec Racing, Unnatural Inc., and UP Garage. Those who drift in the Northwest have the most passion I’ve ever seen. With the willingness to drive over a thousand miles for a two day event, or cross the border north just to have a beer with friends and drive between two narrow walls, it looks like the Northwest is here to stay, and we’re not going away quietly.

Make it Rain is strictly here to show you that passion. The drivers, the cars, the teams, the events, the shops. This is a showcase of all we’ve got.

“…So boys…shall we go to Church?”